St. Kilda

Just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD is one of our favorite Melbourne suburbs. This place marches to the beat of its own drums, with vibrant people, shops, restaurants and bars filling the palm lined street that wraps around the coast of the bay.

St. Kilda is the place to be for a relaxing day at the beach, a fun night out, or a sunset cocktail while watching as the day fades below the surface of the water.

The iconic Luna Park sits in the center of this lively suburb. Luna park is a small amusement park featuring one of the oldest continuously operating wooden roller coasters in the world. A large clown head with an open mouth leads the way into this park adding an extra element of colorful peculiarity to the St. Kilda skyline.

Next to Luna park sits the famous Acland St. This is a small street lined with outdoor cafes, bakeries, restaurants, bars, and shops. There is a spot here for every palate and every wallet. You can find modern, hipster, vegan cafes all the way to classic Asian dumpling houses.

The bar scene also offers something for everyone ranging from $10 all you can eat pizza that turns into a dance party to shake off all the extra weight you gained at Apartment 29, to a craft cocktail at the top story of the classic Espy Hotel.

Along the beach you will find a sports mecca for the adrenaline junkie inside you. You can do anything from skydiving, learning how to kitesurf, skateboarding at the skatepark, longboard or biking along the boardwalk, to taking a relaxing Stand Up Paddle tour around the Pier.

The St. Kilda pier is also home to some cute little locals. Every night in the right season you can stand out at the end of the pier and watch as swarms of tiny penguins glide through the water on the way home.

St Kilda is the epicenter of many special events, festivals, and markets. In season you can enjoy weekly night markets and Sunday morning markets featuring handmade goods, live music and artisan foods. Some weekday nights you can hear the sounds of drums beating as the sunsets and people of all kinds join in dancing and playing around a drum circle. St Kilda also has a large music festival once per year as well a gay pride parade that is always a fun party for everyone.

With something to offer for everyone you can see why this is one of our favorite Melbourne suburbs. Be sure to check out everything St Kilda has to offer on your next trip.